ENT Testing

A hearing (audiometric) test is part of an ear examination that evaluates a person's ability to hear by measuring the ability of sound to reach the brain. Hearing tests help determine what kind of hearing loss you have by measuring your ability to hear sounds that reach the inner ear through the ear canal (air-conducted sounds) and sounds transmitted through the skull (bone-conducted sounds).

Balance Tests

Videonystagmography (VNG) is a test used to evaluate two major balance centers: the ear and the brain. An infrared camera is used to monitor eye movements during the test as certain eye movements correspond with certain types of dizziness. There are typically three parts to the test:

  1. Following a visual stimulus.
  2. Laying in different positions and turning your head in different ways.
  3. Introducing cool and warm air (and on rare occasions, water) into the ears.
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