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By Spartanburg & Greer ENT
March 13, 2017
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Chronic sinus and allergy problems are more than annoying. They can adversely affect your quality of life. If you suffer from chronic sinus problemssinus or allergy symptoms that show little improvement with over-the-counter medications, there are alternative therapies that can help. Your sinus and allergy doctors at Spartanburg & Greer ENT in Spartanburg and Greer, SC, offer a variety of sinus and allergy therapies, including balloon sinuplasty, allergy shot therapy, endoscopic sinus surgery and at-home, painless allergy drop therapy.

Sinus Therapies

For patients with chronic sinusitis, surgical sinus therapies can provide long-term relief. Two common surgical sinus therapies are endoscopic sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty. Endoscopic sinus surgery is performed by inserting a nasal endoscope inside the nose so that the doctor can view the sinuses and remove blockages, such as excess tissue or polyps. Following the procedure, patients experience improved breathing, better drainage and better airflow through the nose.

Balloon sinuplasty involves the insertion of balloons into the sinuses using a flexible catheter. Once in place, the balloons are inflated to expand the sinus pathways. The expanded sinus passages are then sprayed with saline to flush out mucus and other materials that might be clogging them. Once the sinus pathways are clear, the balloon and catheter are removed. Following the procedure, the sinuses passageways should remain open and clear for easier breathing and better drainage.

Allergy Therapies

Many people with allergies successfully treat them with antihistamines, nasal sprays or other over-the-counter medications. For individuals with more severe allergy symptoms, alternate allergy therapies are needed. These can include allergy shots or allergy drops. Allergy shot therapy and allergy drop therapy are both immunotherapy treatments. They help the immune system become less sensitive to allergens and better tolerate them. A long-term goal of these therapies is to reduce the need for allergy medications over time.

Both allergy shot therapy and allergy drop therapy reduce sensitivity to allergens by exposing the patient to small amounts of the allergen. This exposure helps the immune system build up a greater tolerance to the allergen(s). Allergy shot therapy involves administering shots containing small doses of the allergen, which can also be referred to as an antigen. Allergy drop therapy exposes patients to small doses of the allergen through drops placed under the tongue. Your Spartanburg and Greer area allergy doctor can determine which therapy is right for you.

Sinus and allergy problems affect many people and can have an adverse impact on their quality of life. When over-the-counter medications and therapies are ineffective, alternate sinus and allergy therapies can help. For treatment of sinuses or allergies, contact Spartanburg & Greer ENT. To schedule an appointment, call (864) 582-2900 for the Spartanburg office or (864) 699-6970 for the Greer office.