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By Spartanburg & Greer ENT
September 05, 2019
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Are you or someone you love dealing with hearing loss? If so, you’ll want to turn to a hearing specialist in Spartanburg, SC, who can provide you with the care and treatment you need to become part of the conversation again. Of course, it’s natural to have questions about getting hearing aids—here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the issue:

What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

Hearing loss isn’t always obvious. In fact, sometimes these symptoms can sneak up on you gradually over time. You could be dealing with some degree of hearing loss if,

  • You have to turn up the volume on the TV or phone in order to hear what’s being said
  • People complain about the volume of the TV or radio
  • You have to ask people to repeat themselves often
  • You find yourself reading lips rather than listening to what’s being said
  • You have trouble understanding people in loud environments (e.g. busy restaurants)
  • You experiencing rigging in the ears (tinnitus)
  • It sounds like people around you are mumbling

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, it’s a good idea to call our Spartanburg office to schedule a hearing evaluation. The sooner the hearing loss is detected, the sooner we can treat the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

Will a hearing aid restore my hearing?

It’s important to understand that a hearing aid will make it easier to hear people but it is not designed to restore your hearing. Furthermore, a hearing aid will not prevent your hearing loss from getting worse.

How long does a hearing aid last?

The average lifespan of a hearing aid is about five to six years. Of course, your hearing aid could last longer with the proper care, maintenance, and occasion tune-ups.

Need treatment? Give us a call

You shouldn’t feel isolated from family and friends because of your hearing loss. Contact 864-699-6970 or 864-582-2900 today to schedule a visit with a physician at Spartanburg Greer ENT & Allergy in Greer or Spartanburg, SC.

By Spartanburg & Greer ENT
December 24, 2018
Category: Hearing
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How your ENT specialists in Spartanburg, SC, can help you hear again

Hearing aids can enhance your quality of life by allowing you to fully experience the sounds you have been missing out on. Choosing a hearing aid can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, so don’t decide alone. Get help from an expert, your ear, nose,Hearing Aid and throat specialist. Your ENT specialists at Spartanburg & Greer ENT can help you hear well again. They have convenient office locations in Spartanburg and Greer, SC, to help you.

So, how do you know if you need hearing aids? There are several signs and symptoms you might be experiencing some degree of hearing loss. You should schedule a hearing test if you notice:

  • Speech sounding muffled
  • You can’t pick out words from noise in the background
  • People around you have to speak loudly for you to hear them
  • Difficulty picking out the consonants in words
  • You want to avoid social situations or conversations because you can’t hear

If you are experiencing hearing loss and your ENT specialist recommends hearing aids, there are several to choose from. Consider:

  • CIC hearing aids, which fit completely inside your ear canal; these are the least noticeable hearing aids, with no volume control or directional microphone.
  • ITE hearing aids, which are in the ear and fit over your outer ear or the lower part of your ear; they are less discreet than CIC hearing aids, but they do have volume control.
  • BTE hearing aids, which are behind the ear and hook over the top of your ear; they are larger than other hearing aids and have great sound quality.
  • Cochlear implants are another option if you are experiencing severe hearing loss. They perform the function of areas of your inner ear that aren’t working well.

Don’t miss out on the beautiful sounds of your wonderful life. You deserve to enjoy every minute, and hearing aids can help! To find out more about restoring your hearing with hearing aids, call your ENT specialists at Spartanburg & Greer ENT, with offices in Spartanburg and Greer, SC. Call today!

By Spartanburg & Greer ENT
June 18, 2018
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Are you having difficulty hearing? Are you experiencing hearing loss?hearing aids

The reasons behind hearing loss vary and affect people of all ages. Your Spartanburg and Greer, SC, doctors can evaluate the type of hearing loss you're suffering from: sudden or gradual, in one ear or both, and if it's temporary or permanent. They'll also provide you with proper hearing aids.

Treatments and Evaluations:

  • Hearing Aid Evaluations: A time for questions and discussion of expectations.
  • Hearing Aid Fittings: A time to orient to new hearing aid(s).
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations, such as tinnitus evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Checks: These are usually scheduled every six months.

Hearing Aids in Spartanburg and Greer, SC

Hearing aids are designed to improve hearing. The goal is to create an overall better quality of life, especially when you're in a noisy place.

The hearing aids accomplish this amplification by:

  • Making speech more intelligible
  • Preserving nerve networks in the brain
  • Making communication less tiring

Types of Hearing Aids:

There is a variety of hearing aids that are rechargeable, have android and i-phone compatibility, automated programming to ease use, discreet, remote programming and suitable for patients with an active, casual or quiet lifestyle.

Here are a few:

  • Behind-the-ear: a hearing aid held that sits behind the ear.
  • In-the-ear: a hearing aid held that covers the outer portion of the ear.
  • Extended wear: a hearing aid placed worn for months inside the ear canal without being removed.
  • Receiver-in-canal: a hearing aid speaker that sits inside the ear canal with an electric wire that reduces audio distortion.
  • Middle ear implant: a system implanted behind the eardrum There are multiple hearing aids.
  • In-the-canal: a hearing aid that fits either partially or fully into the ear canal to reduce visibility.

It's difficult to deal with hearing loss, but you don't have to be alone. The doctors at Spartanburg & Greer ENT can help you deal with your hearing loss dilemmas and improve your way of life. To learn more about the different hearing aids, call (864) 582-2900 for the Spartanburg, SC, office or (864) 699-6970 for the Greer office.

By Spartanburg & Greer ENT
December 08, 2016
Category: Hearing
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Find out whether you might need a hearing aid in order to improve your ability to hear those around you from your Spartanburg and Greer, SC, otolaryngologists.

It might seem like a silly question to ask yourself since it might seem obvious whether you might need a hearing aid or not, but it’s not hearing aidsalways as clear cut as it seems. This is when it’s time to turn to your Spartanburg and Greer, SC, otolaryngologists, who will be able to determine whether hearing aids are right for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself; they may help you determine whether you might benefit from wearing a hearing aid.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it sound like people around you mumble?
  • Do you have to turn the volume up on the TV or radio in order to hear it?
  • Do you need people to repeat themselves often?
  • Is it difficult to understand people on the phone?
  • Do you find yourself withdrawing from conversation, particularly in a group or in noisy settings?
  • Do you find yourself reading lips or really focusing on someone when they speak?

If you said yes to some of these questions then you could certainly be dealing with some form of hearing loss. One fairly common type of hearing loss is being able to hear people in a normal pitch but not being able to heard higher-pitched sounds.

Before getting a hearing aid it’s important to note that unlike glasses, which can correct visual impairments, hearing aids are not able to fully restore your hearing back to normal. However, a hearing aid can amplify voices and sounds to make it easier to hear them. Wearing a hearing aid can make it easier to join in and hear normal conversations. Some advanced features also offer amazing technology to make it easier to communicate in a noisy setting. Some hearing aids can also be used to amplify high-pitched sounds.

Since there are so many different technologies, styles and features when it comes to getting a hearing aid in Spartanburg and Greer, SC, it’s a good idea to talk to us about what is right for you. We can perform hearing tests to determine the extent of your hearing loss and the cause. Turn to Spartanburg & Greer ENT today!

Hearing aids today are dramatically more advanced than the hearing aids of even just a few years ago. Many of today’s hearing aids allow users to hear from all directions, in all sorts of sound environments, and even underwater.

They are digital, wireless, can connect directly to your smartphone or television, and can be as discreet or as visible as you like. A new rechargeable feature on some newly designed hearing aids even allows you to recharge your hearing aids every night, so there’s no more need for small batteries.