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By Spartanburg & Greer ENT
December 24, 2018
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How your ENT specialists in Spartanburg, SC, can help you hear again

Hearing aids can enhance your quality of life by allowing you to fully experience the sounds you have been missing out on. Choosing a hearing aid can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, so don’t decide alone. Get help from an expert, your ear, nose,Hearing Aid and throat specialist. Your ENT specialists at Spartanburg & Greer ENT can help you hear well again. They have convenient office locations in Spartanburg and Greer, SC, to help you.

So, how do you know if you need hearing aids? There are several signs and symptoms you might be experiencing some degree of hearing loss. You should schedule a hearing test if you notice:

  • Speech sounding muffled
  • You can’t pick out words from noise in the background
  • People around you have to speak loudly for you to hear them
  • Difficulty picking out the consonants in words
  • You want to avoid social situations or conversations because you can’t hear

If you are experiencing hearing loss and your ENT specialist recommends hearing aids, there are several to choose from. Consider:

  • CIC hearing aids, which fit completely inside your ear canal; these are the least noticeable hearing aids, with no volume control or directional microphone.
  • ITE hearing aids, which are in the ear and fit over your outer ear or the lower part of your ear; they are less discreet than CIC hearing aids, but they do have volume control.
  • BTE hearing aids, which are behind the ear and hook over the top of your ear; they are larger than other hearing aids and have great sound quality.
  • Cochlear implants are another option if you are experiencing severe hearing loss. They perform the function of areas of your inner ear that aren’t working well.

Don’t miss out on the beautiful sounds of your wonderful life. You deserve to enjoy every minute, and hearing aids can help! To find out more about restoring your hearing with hearing aids, call your ENT specialists at Spartanburg & Greer ENT, with offices in Spartanburg and Greer, SC. Call today!